Updates: Here is what has changed!

Release of January 15, 2020

Down payment invoice

Possibility of making down payment invoices from quotes, purchase orders and proforma invoices.

Standard payment terms

Standard invoice payment times are 30 days to from the date of issue and can be changed.

Release of November, 14th, 2019


Possibility to create proforma invoices that can be modified after sending.


Integration with the Stripe payment system.

Release of April, 7th, 2019

Share links

The share link allow you to send document by your mean of communication, still getting read receipts.

Planned sendings

Your documents can be sent according to a plan and a frequency. See the documents' sending window to create a task, a the parameters to list the running planned tasks.

Release of 2018

PDF can be signed electronicaly.

Supplier and customer references on documents.

Messages lists

Inbox, outbox and payment follow-up lists have been merged.


Possibility to update and import items. Reference and unit of measure preferences associated with catalog page.


Automated common footer. Footer in rich-text.


Is it now possible to create a catalog of items and to use it to create documents quickly.

Purchases orders

Purchases orders can now be created. They can be transformed into quotes or invoices. They can be paid only after they are accepted.

Documents shared by link

Document can be share by a link sent on your email or instant messaging app. The recipient have to validate his email address once by clicking a link in an email.

Licence GDPR compliance

Release of 2017

FEC Flat file export

You can now import in your accounting program writings related the invoices you sent.

Line tools

It is now possible to copy, cut, paste and move lines in documents.


It is now possible to sort documents by date or by number in the lists.

Mention paid and completed

When an invoice is paid or closed, a paid notice appears on the PDF. This avoids having to modify it afterwards.

Unalterable mode

In order to comply with French law n ° 2015-1785, an unalterable mode ensures that the documents can not be modified or canceled without leaving traces.

Acceptance and refusal

When you send invoices and quotes through the site, your correspondent can now accept or reject them in addition to PDF printing. You will be immediately notified by a notification email.

This formalization of the agreement engages your customer and allows you to avoid disputes during delivery or payment. It is visible in the status field and the date is entered in the document history.

Any currency supported

It is now possible to use any currency. In the forms, the current currencies are shown in a drop-down list. If the currency you need is not there, choose the "other" option at the bottom of the list. You will then have a text field to fill in the three letters of the currency code. This can be a currency issued by a country, or a more exotic currency starting with X as XBT for the BitCoin.

Each currency has these particularities regarding the number of decimals in the invoices and the quotes. For the Euro for example, it takes 2 decimals. You can therefore make invoices in Tunisian Dinar (3 decimal places), in Bitcoin (8 decimals), etc.

Statistics page

It is now possible to track your activity by week, month, quarter and year, by an histogram, a detailed table, but also to export its data in a spreadsheet format importable in Excel.

Releases of 2016

Message lists more simple

The draft and the sent message list are merged and a status field is added so you don't have to look where your message is after modification and sending.

Lists performances

The message and contact list have been redone for better performances and better phone compatibility.

Changes Simplification

In the previous version, it was not possible to modify a document issued or sent without "canceling" the issue. Everything is now easier with the edit button to go to edit mode. You have then to warn your recipients about the modifications. All these changes appear in the document history.

Payments and Closing

You can record partial payments of your bills. An option to "Close" a bill, that is to say, to indicate that it is fully paid. These payments appear in the document history and can be canceled.

Notification E-mail templates

The sending functions have been completely revised. It is now possible to change the email notification which will be sent to your customer and even keep a message template by document type. You can send e-mail in your name, or leave BonneFacture as the sender.

When the document is sent by other means (by hand, post), it is possible to fill-in a comment for memory that appears in history.

By cons, the date and number have to be changed in the main form before any sending.

Read receipt

Know when your bills are read is important for your payments requests. E-mail software read receipt are not mandatory and are therefore not reliable.

When sending a document by the e-mail BonneFacture function, a link with a unique code is sent to your recipient. When this code is used to obtain the document, we know that the document was red. This is displayed in the history.

Releases of 2007 to 2015

Possibility to store documents and addresses. Use different documents.

Initial version January, 5th, 2006

Online form to create PDF invoices.

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